What spell-checker do you use for checking your CAT translations?

Spell-checking is a must. Every translator knows it.

Most CAT (computer-aided translation) tools do not offer a satisfactory spell checker or at least, working with integrated spell-checker is a kind of pain in the neck. My favorite CAT tool, SDL Trados, did not offer the spell-checking feature until the SDL Trados Studio was released. Here is how I usually perform the spell and grammar check.

I work with SDL Trados, SDL Trados Studio, SDLX, Star Transit, DejaVu, Wordfast, Passolo, and Alchemy Catalyst. However, I have never been satisfied with the options these applications offer when it comes to checking the spelling.

Over the years, I learned that all I need for this purpose is Microsoft Word.

I simple select all text in the CAT tool, copy it, and paste into empty Word document. I set the Word not to display the hidden text and then use the standard set of proofing tools available in Word. If any error is found in the Word file, I correct it in the CAT tool, and skip the error once in Word.

Maybe, this is not the quickest way, but I found it comfortable and efficient.

What method do you use for proofing your CAT files?

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