Invoicing system for freelancers – beta testers needed

I used to keep the records on my clients, projects, invoices, etc. in Excel sheets and to generate my monthly invoices manually. However, with growing client base, invoicing became a time-consuming and annoying work that had to be performed at the beginning of each month. Thus, after releasing the TR?ICTIO TMS, I am presenting a new TR?ICTIO Invoicing system and I am currently looking for a few beta testers.

As a freelancer, you may keep the records manually, or buy and use a specialized software. I did not want to do any of these, so I designed (with some help of my fellow programmer) a server-based application that automatizes the invoicing process.

How TR?ICTIO Invoicing works:

  1. Enter your client data into the system (and vendor data, if you outsource some projects).
  2. Make some basic settings, such as create fiscal year, or enter invoice header data for filling in the invoice template.
  3. Enter your project data as you receive/complete individual jobs.
  4. Generate your invoices with a click of a button.

The system maybe be run remotely, i.e. you save your data on the TR? server where they are kept securely, or you may install the system to your domain/subdomain and run it from there.

For testing, I will create a subdomain for each individual beta tester. I will provide a to do list and some initial instructions and will look for your comments and suggestions. The system is fairly simple to use and the testing should not take you much time.

If you are interested, please drop me an e-mail (cinciala_at_cinciala_dot_eu) or enter a comment below. Thanks in advance!

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