Sports Plan for the 2013 Season

After a successful appearance and result at this year?s Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in Norway, and just one day before another event, which is the Bobr Cup (Championship of the Czech Republic in Extreme Relay (Run, bike, kayak)), I am already in the process of preparing the sports plan for the next season.

After two consecutive years with the main event being the Norseman, I have decided to go for another challenge. Despite the Norwegian race is unique with its course and atmosphere, it is a time to try something else (I would like to return to Norway one day, though). It goes without saying that everything depends on my health condition and whether I will be able to keep up with my training efforts.

The preliminary schedule for the next season is as follows:

1. June 2013: Moraviaman, full ironman triathlon, Otrokovice, Czech Republic

2. August 2013: Embrunman, full ironman triathlon, Embrun, France


2. September 2013: Spartathlon, 245 km ultramarathon Athens-Sparta, Greece

3. October 2013: Bobr Cup, Championship of the Czech Republic in Extreme Relay, Litovel, Czech Republic

The main event in 2013 season will be either Enbrunman or Spartathlon. For the time being, I prefer Spartathlon, but owing to the strict athlete selection process, it is yet unclear, whether I will actually be able to compete (applications open in January 2013). This ultramarathon is ranked among 10 hardest endurance events on the planet.

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