Tentative sport plan for 2012

This is the tentative plan of my participation in sport events in 2012.

  1. Moraviaman, ironman triathlon event (3,8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42 km run), June 23rd, 2012, Otrokovice, Czech Republic
  2. Salzkammergut Trophy, Mountain bike marathon, 220 km, July 14th, 2012, Obertraun (near Ebensee, my grandmother’s bithplace), Austria
  3. Norseman XTreme Triathlon, (3,8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42 km run), August 4th, 2012, Eidfjord, Norway
  4. Bobr Cup (relay, 15 km run, 40 km bike, 5 km kayak), October 6th, 2012, Litovel, Czech Republic

Just like last year, the main event of the epic Norseman XTremen Triathlon. With the increased focus on the swim training, I hope for a good weather and mainly better swimming shape than the last year.

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