May 2011 Summary

Despite rather unpredictable weather and being busy with work, the training has been going quite well. It is less than 2 months remaining to the competition and the time has come to start putting the logistics thing together and to write down things not to forget (passport!).

As indicated in the previous summary, my weekly training plan now comprises 3 running, 3 biking, and 2 swimming sessions. Plus I am still having 3 strength trainings a week. I plan to continue this pace another 4 weeks and then I want to start the tapering stage of my preparation. The overall feeling is good and I am really curious what the tapering will bring. I hope only the positives, everybody is talking about.

Due to the overhaul of the local swimming pool to be started on July 1st, I will have to move my swimming sessions to the open water (probably), which is good from the training point of view, but on the other hand, more time consuming.

So, here is the summary for May:

  • Running: 17 times, 162 km (-133 km compared with May)
  • Swimming: 9 times, 18 km (+4 km)
  • Strength training: 13 (+2) times, 18 hours
  • Bike: 17 (+15), 469 km, 27 hours
  • Total: 50,000 calories spent (+20,000)

This statistics is a bit surprising, as it shows increased training intensity, while subjectively, I did not feel I trained more. The running preparation is virtually finished and from now on I will move into the “keeping mode”. It is the bike, which will be my priority.

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