April 2011 Summary

As always, I have been very busy so this training summary again comes late.

Weather has been unstable in recent weeks, which makes training a bit difficult, mainly as fas as bike is concerned. Anyhow, I have started bike training and due to this my training plan changed from 6 running sessions a week to 3 running and 3 biking sessions. I have a limited time available only, so instead of long training sessions I decided to ride in the nearby hills to improve my up-the-hill ability.

As for other activities, everything got back to normal with 3 strength training sessions and 2 swimming sessions a week. I feel to be still relatively weak in swimming, but I do not want to sacrifice other disciplines for swimming. By the way, I tried my new wetsuit 10 days ago in a nearby lake. The water was cold, but after a short time, the neoprene wetsuit started “working” and I enjoyed this test swimming very much. At least, I feel a bit relieved – maybe the water in Norwegian fjord will not be as ice-cold as everybody says… Plus, wetsuit seems to improve my speed and technique.

So, here is the summary for April:

  • Running: 22 times, 195km (-113 km compared with March)
  • Swimming: 7 times, 14 km (same as in March)
  • Strength training: 11 (-4) times, 15 hours
  • Bike: twice, 30 km, 2 hours
  • Total: 30,000 calories spent (-8,200)

The statistics indicates that the training volume in April was not as high as in the previous months. On the other hand, there are only 2.5 months to go and I believe that I have finished the “rough” part of my training and now it is a time to fine-tune my performance to achieve the best performance at the beginning of August.

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