Removing sheet protection password from Microsoft Excel file

It happened to me many times that a client asked me to translate password-protected Microsoft Excel file (sometimes the client is not even aware of this). Despite modern communication technologies, communication may sometimes be quite slow, so you may find the following procedure useful for removing password protection of Excel sheets.

  1. Download and save Excel Password Removal.bas (right-click the link and select Save As to save the file to your hard disk).

  3. Open your password-protected Excel file.

  5. In Excel, press Alt+F11. This opens the Visual Basic Editor.

  7. In the Visual Basic Editor, select File > Import File – locate Excel Password Removal.bas on your hard disk and click Open.

  9. Select File > Close and Return to Microsoft Excel.

  11. On the ribbon, select View > Macros > Show Macros.

  13. Select Macro1 and press Run.

  15. Press OK in two subsequently displayed windows.

  17. Press OK in the Open Sheet dialog – do not fill in any password.

  19. Wait a few seconds (the process may take some time). Press OK in the Password Removal Message window.

Your Excel sheet should now be open for editing.

Note: This procedure has been verified for Microsoft Excel 2007.

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