Re-enabling SDL Multiterm in SDL Trados Studio 2009 after working with SDL Trados 2007

Clients vary; some use SDL Trados 2007 and lower, some have already switched to SDL Trados Studio 2009. If you work on a project in SDL Trados 2007 and then start another work in Studio, you will probably find out that SDL Multiterm does not work properly in Studio. Despite set up correctly in project settings, no terms are shown in the termbase results window in the Studio. Here is how to re-enable SDL Multiterm in the Studio after switching from SDL Trados 2007.

  1. Download and save “Multiterm Activator for SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP2.bat” (right-click the link and select “Save As”) to a suitable location on your hard disk. It is a good idea to save the file into Trados installation folder. You may also want to add a shortcut into SDL Trados Studio 2009 folder in Windows Start menu for your convenience.
  2. After working in SDL Trados 2007, before starting SDL Trados Studio 2009, run (double-click the file in Windows Explorer) the downloaded file.

This should fix SDL Multiterm. Open the Studio and check, whether terms are displayed in the termbase results window.

Please note this procedure needs to be repeated after each transition from SDL Trados 2007 to SDL Trados Studio 2009.

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