March 2011 Summary

This March summary comes a bit late, since I have been quite busy after getting back to the Czech Republic with my family on April 1. As you certainly noticed, the major event in Japan in March was a disastrous earthquake and tsunami. Despite we did not experience direct effects in Kobayashi, watching the news and seeing the mess on TV in 24-hour live coverage was certainly stressing. Mt. Shinmoedake released its dust load every now and then, so I think the people of nearby towns suffering from dust falling from the sky can now feel relieved.

The March weather in Kobayashi was generally fine with freezing mornings and quite warm daytime; it was a good constellation for quality training. Everything was gradually turning green and sakuras started blooming at the end of March. Seeing these things was a good support while exercising.

As for training, generally I would say March was not too hard, but I continued training diligently. I recorded 94 activities in total, which gives about 3 activities a day (including 4 km walking sessions with my son to/from school). Like in February, the weakest part of my efforts was swimming – at least I could use all 12 tickets that I purchased as a set for discounted price. In addition, 2 weeks before returning back to Czech Republic, my rubber exercising band finally gave up, so my last two weeks of strength training were somewhat unsatisfactory.

So, here is the summary for March:

  • Running: 38 times, 308 km (+33 km compared with February)
  • Swimming: 7 times, 14 km (-2 km)
  • Strength training: 15 (-4) times, 10.5 hours
  • Stair climbing: 8 times, 2,600 calories spent
  • Walking: 26 times, 56 km
  • Total: 38,200 calories spent (-2,100)

I have not started the bike season yet, which I should do quite soon to be ready. I will probably train on my mountain bike and will switch to a road bike about one month before the race.

After returning back home, I resumed my training plan, despite I cannot continue the pace with 3 training sessions a day due to time limitation. I keep myself busy with a routine family life, training, and of course work. There are less than 4 months to go and I need to make some money.

By the way, after some time, I tried my wetsuit and it is still a good fit! Wearing the suit always refreshes the feeling of looking forward to a jump the the ferry on the race day.

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