February 2011 Summary

There have been many things going on here in Kobayashi in February. The spectacular Mt. Shinmoedake has continued spitting out ash and there have been several minor earthquakes. The locals let the quakes unnoticed, but for a guy from Central Europe, where we have nothing like this, it is a kind of weird experience to see the chandeliers moving.

In addition, I went for two trips to famous spa resort – Unzen, not far from Nagasaki. I visited some great places, relaxed in onsen, and drank a few beers (for which I feel guity…).

As for training, February was an ordinary month, I would say. I had to slow down a bit not to over-train myself, but still feel eager to continue the Norseman training efforts. Compared with the previous month, I put up two kilos because of Japanese delicious meals, which I simply cannot resist. I plan to get this fixed once I get back to the Czech Republic with my family.

So, here is the summary for February:

  • Running: 34 times, 275 km (+51 km compared with January)
  • Swimming: 8 times, 16 km (-11 km)
  • Strength training: 20 (-8) times, 16 hours
  • Stair climbing: 8 times, 2,300 calories spent
  • Total: 40,300 calories spent (-1,700)

Unfortunately, I am not able to swim more than twice a week due to time limitation. From April, I will start bike training, so I cannot see a chance to get to back to the every weekday swimming pattern. I will have to live with swimming twice or max. 3 times a week and hope to have a good luck on the Norseman race day.

The training plan is still busy, but I will have to start thinking about logistic and other arrangements soon. The day is getting closer and closer.

Next summary will follow from Olomouc, Czech Republic.


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