Nice font = quicker translation?

Just like any other computer user, I have some favorite fonts, I consider some fonts to be “neutral” and I have a few ones that I quite dislike (one of them being the “Courier New”). Is there any connection between selected font and the speed of translation process?

This is a very individual issue and many of you might consider a few following lines a nonsense. Anyway, I have had a feeling recently that I am able to translate quicker when working with neat fonts. I will definitely be quicker with translation written in Arial than with the same text written in Courier.

I am usually working with CAT tools and do not see the actual result of my work (final document) so often. However, from what I could see, the final document in Arial or similar font looks much smarter than document in Courier or Times New Roman. So, is it the feeling that the result will look nice that makes me work quicker and in a more relaxed way?

Earlier versions of Trados and other CAT tools did not allow setting the UI font. The Trados Studio provides this possibility. I set my favorite font and just this small thing increased my productivity. You will certainly note that there are numerous more important points that influence our productivity, and you will certainly be right, but I would note, at the same time, that every bit counts…

Regardless of what font you prefer, don’t you feel you are quicker when working with a text displayed in a nice font?

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  1. Gina says:

    This is a great thought! I personally enjoy Georgia a lot.

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