January 2011 Summary

January was another busy month. I was getting ready to re-unite with my family in Japan, diligently trained, and also did a great deal of work.

I set off for Japan on January 21 and reached Kobayashi in Kyushu 2 days later. I spared some time in hotel in Osaka near Itami airport for flexible band exercising. I intended to go for one running session in evening Osaka, but felt tired after 16 hours spent in the plane, so I gave up.

The start of training after arriving destination was a bit slow, but after a few days I got into a normal shape and pace. After one week of swimming “holidays”, I started training in the pool again. Japanese swimming pools are generally much warmer than the Czech ones, so 33 °C water feels good.

By the way, maybe you saw on the news, a nearby volcano (Mt. Kirishima mountain range) erupted about a week ago and gives out a spectacular visual and acoustic show. Some blasts are really amazing. We are lucky here that the wind takes the volcanic ash away.

So, here is the summary for January:

  • Running: 27 times, 224 km (-6 km compared with December)
  • Swimming: 15 times, 27 km (-7 km)
  • Strength training: 28 (+2) times, 31 hours
  • Total: 42,000 calories spent (-6,000)

As expected, January was slow as for swimming, because of transit time and some acclimatization needed here in Japan. I have to change the swimming training pattern – twice a week, 4 km sessions.

Japanese foods are delicious, but low on calories. I lost some 2-3 kilos, which I need to replace with some more eating. What a change! Before, I had to think how to keep my weight from going up, now I have an opposite problem…

Norseman website now shows a starting roster – I am there, now it is official! I hope to keep myself healthy a mentally sound. Only 6 months to go!

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