October 2010 Summary

I received my Norseman invitation on November 5th. To be completely honest, I did not expect it and had no specific training plan. I put the plan together over some time, so my training efforts are much more “worked out”.

Here is the summary for November:

  • Running: 25 times, 240 km
  • Swimming: 16 times, 26 km
  • Strength training: 19 times, 22,5 hours
  • Total: 40,000 calories spent

I believe this is not a bad start. I have another 8 months of training on front of me. Plus, I will be staying in Japan for 3 months (Jan, Feb, and Mar 2011)  and will be “slowing down” at that time.

It is nearly impossible to do any bicycle training given temperatures reaching or falling well below 0 °C. I will leave that for April and following months.

My weakest discipline is swimming. Not because of power, but a lack of technique is limiting my performance. I plan to get some lessons to improve this – now I can swim  km for about 44 minutes.

P.S. This is a picture from Bobr Cup (October 2nd) – official championship of Czech Rep. in extreme relay of 3-member teams. I was a runner and had to swim in an ice-cold river in a very strong current (it as just after flooding) – it was a new experience running 15 km after such “bath”…but not bad.

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