From 94 kg to Norseman

I was lucky. This is very unusual for me ? until now, every lottery brought only disappointment to me. But not this time ? I won my Norseman 2011 slot.

Three years ago I had 94 kilos, I was busy with my freelance translation business (which I like, fortunately), fat, and lazy. The only body activities were 2 volleyball sessions a week ? finished with a couple of beers. Well, there are many people like this and I was one of them.

Suddenly days, when I got to know the ?truth? came. My wife, a lovely Japanese lady, told me: ?How about start jogging?? My reply came fast and without hesitation (my bad point), ?No thanks, I hate running.? But something started biting inside of me. By chance, a second hit came a few days later during the volleyball session. I heard: ?Hey man, you?d better buy a bra.? Those two things came just in time. And so I started.

To make this short, after 2 years of running in hot, freezing, or rainy weather, countless hours in the gym and swimming pool I got rid of 20 kilos and felt like I wanted to take part in a competition. I chose a short triathlon event, probably because it comprised the 3 disciplines that I practiced most often. And I enjoyed it very much?

Now after some experience with ironman and half-ironman courses and some ultra-marathons, I was looking for something really challenging. One day, while playing with my mobile at, um?, a place, where we all have to go several times a day, I suddenly found the Norseman site. Wow, I watched the video, read the race reports, and the next day I sent my application. My chances were slim, but the challenge is now waiting for me. I like to push myself to a limit and sometimes beyond. I am sure that Norseman is just the opportunity, which will drive me to the terra incognita, both physically and mentally. I cannot wait for the day!

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