SDL Trados Studio ? Corrupt file: Missing locked content for Oasis.Xliff 12.x.

I recently accepted a large proofreading job to be completed in SDL Trados Studio 2014. All seemed to be fine until I tried to open some of the project files. This article describes how to deal with “Corrupt file: Missing locked content for Oasis.Xliff 12.x.” error message in Studio.

Most of professional translators working with several CAT tools are certainly aware of the fact that moving the projects between two or more CAT tools is hardly ever a smooth and trouble-free process. I always try to use the native tool in which the source data were prepared. I.e., I use Studio for Studio projects, Transit for Transit projects, etc.

In my particular case, I was supposed to review a large translation in SDL Trados Studio. When I tried to open one of the files, I got the following error message: Corrupt file: Missing locked content for Oasis.Xliff 12.x. This came as a surprise.

After searching the web for causes and possible solutions, it appeared that the native Studio project was probably translated in DejaVu and some of the files were not saved properly by DejaVu. This seems to be a known unresolved bug.

I found the following workaround that gets the things back in order for the Studio. I used memoQ to fix the problem.

  1. I imported the Trados Studio package into memoQ and created a project there. This went smoothly and I obtained files in memoQ that I could open without errors.
  2. For the file that was shown as corrupt in Studio, I clicked it in the file list in memoQ and then selected Export (dialog) link. I saved the file to the disk.
  3. I used this exported file to overwrite the original corrupt file in the Studio project folder structure (be sure NOT to overwrite the file in the source language folder).
  4. Tried to open the new file in Studio and it worked fine!

Despite this solved the problem, I would still recommend to use a native software for each translation/review project.

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