Across ? Impossible to ignore QM errors to deliver the job

I have recently run into the problem of not being able to deliver completed project due to strange behavior of Across in terms of required Quality Management checks. I assume this is not an uncommon problem, so this article describes what to do if this happens.

My initial situation was as follows:


There are 17 errors in “Check of crossTank fuzzy matches (match < 100% used unchanged)” category.

Next, I clicked the QM tab, right clicked the category and selected “Check now“. The following was displayed:


There are 21 errors, but only 17 errors are shown on the QM tab. This problem repeats every time, no matter how many times I repeat this check.

I continued with right clicking the category and selecting the QM batch mode. Got this:


Oops, this means there are no errors ? yes, I ignored all (17) errors that were available on QM tab. But there are 21 errors in total…

Next, I tried to deliver the job. Got this:


1 error is not ignored. But there are only 17 errors shown on QM tab, all are ignored. “Check now” shows 21 errors. “QM batch mode” shows no error.

RESULT: I am not able to deliver the job.

SOLUTION: I consulted this issue with Across help desk as well as with my client, and the only solution that work on my (translator’s) side is to deliver the task (unfinished) to the server and let the PM perform the quality check / close the task manually.

This is explanation of the Across help desk: It is possible that there is a read only segment that has the error but you are not able to view (because of restricted rights). For this reason, please deliver the finished work to the server and then ask the the Project Manager to open the task (on behalf of) and execute the QM check to correct the error or manually finish the task from their end.

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