SDL Trados 2007: Workbench does not show complete termbase results

Occasionally it happens that Translator’s Workbench does not show termbase search results properly. It just displays the source term, but the target translation remains hidden. You may try the following procedure to fix the problem.

  1. Close currently open translation unit in TagEditor (or Word).

  3. Exit Translator’s Workbench.

  5. Start Workbench and select “Options” > “Term recognition options”. In displayed window, click “Browse”. Select required termbase and set it as “Default” (this step is particularly important, if you have multiple termbases selected).

  7. Restart Translator’s Workbench.

After re-opening the translation unit in TagEditor (of Word), Translator’s Workbench should display a complete term in the termbase result window.

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