Beta testers needed for the new Tr?ictio TMS

The release date of the new Tr?ictio Translatio Management System is getting closer. At the present time, I am finishing some internal testing and implement some latest features, but the first stage of the system development is basically finished. In this connection, I am looking for 5-10 beta testers.

The system is now functional, but like every new piece of software, it requires some fine-tuning and testing. The user interface is still somewhat rough, but this was not the main objective of the first stage of this project.

What you should expect is getting an access to your dedicated test site with the system installed. You will have to set up your personal data – these may be fictitious with the exception of e-mail address, which is required to send and receive various system notifications. In addition, you will have to enter your own service providers (e.g. translators) and clients (at least one client and several service providers). You will be expected to test the project management function including Assign in Time feature (automatic project assignment system) and direct project assignment, as well as other aspects of the system, and to provide your views and suggestions/issues identified during your testing.

Please note that this is solely a voluntary activity and you should not expect any other benefit than getting a “taste” of the new and very affordable (compared e.g. to Plunet) translation management system that will hit the market quite soon.

If interested, please contact me via e-mail at cinciala(at)cinciala(dot)eu.

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