Trados TTX Glue Fix

This is just a short note covering the master file automatic renaming issue when using the Glue/Unglue feature in SDL Trados 2007.

When using the Glue feature in SDL Trados 2007 for gluing multiple TTX files into a single file, the resulting master TTX files gets renamed automatically upon its first saving in TagEditor. For example, “_MasterFile1.ttx” is renamed to “_MasterFile1.ttx.ttx”.¨

This presents a problem when you try to unglue the master file into resulting TTX files.

The fix is simple. Just rename the master file removing the “.ttx” file extension, i.e. restore the original name of the master file. The Unglue feature will them work smoothly without any problem.

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2 Responses to Trados TTX Glue Fix

  1. Anna Mauset says:

    Hi Michal,

    I’ve just used Glue for the first time and although it works brilliantly at my end, it’s not the case for my client. Apparantly tags disappear and double entries appear in the unglued target ttx files.
    Above you mention removing the .ttx file extension. Where does this extension appear? When I glue the files the proposed master file name is _master*. I’ve added ttx afterwards, so the master file is called _master*.ttx. Is this was causes the errors in the unglued target ttx files?
    Many regards,
    Anna Mauset (Norway)

    • admin says:

      Hello Anna,

      I am afraid that we are talking about different issues. When you glue the TTX into a master file (files _MasterFile1.ttx) and open it in TagEditor, the file name changes to _MasterFile1.ttx.ttx when you press the Save button. This obviously creates a problem when ungluing the master file. In such a case, you have to remove the unnecessary ttx extension.

      For detailed instructions how to use this feature, you may read my article “Gluing and ungluing TagEditor files” on this blog side.

      As for tags, I have never experienced any tag issues when using the glue/unglue tool. Of course, when you delete or tamper with the tags in the master file, the same errors will also be present in the final unglued files. You may want to check your translation (perform tag verification) of the master file. Changing the file name does not make any difference as far as tags are concerned.

      Take care!

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