Fall/Winter News

It has been some time since my last post in my blog. These two months were filled with work, some vacation time, and continued sport effort. In addition, it seemed to me that there were not so much news coming from the world of translation that would “require my attention” and initiate a blog posting. Or, maybe I am just focus too much on the everyday working efforts? Anyway, here are a few work-related notes.

I am getting ready for including SDL Trados Studio 2011 into my work flow. I have mixed feelings about this, but some of my clients have already advised they would require the new release of this tool. Why mixed feelings? When my clients do not require CAT for their projects (and since I apply CAT to all projects that I handle), I still tend to prefer the “old good” SDL Trados 2007 to Studio 2009. I do not know why, but simply said, I cannot not feel the Studio fits my “taste”. The classic Trados is more straight-forward for me – create/open TM, open file in TagEditor, and work. Anyway, I will have to learn a few new things, since the new Studio 2011 is said to be much more than a “small update” to Studio 2009.

September and October have been busy months, especially given the fact that electronics makers release their new models and there has been a great deal of work on the manuals. There were less medical translations, but I expect to get back to medicine, as my primary field of expertise, soon.

I have learned some information on the “cloud-based” translation and how attractive that allegedly was, but rather than advantages, I see the weak points, such as (i) all of my clients require a solid CAT tool (Trados, Transit, SDLX, Catalyst, etc.), and (ii) I do not want to rely solely on the Internet connection due to obvious reasons. Some people keep asking me, whether I fear the machine translation. As of now, my reply is definitely “no” – I am almost exclusively working on a highly specialist stuff (like cardiology, computed tomography, and so on) and using machine translation in these fields is currently out of question and I do not expect this to change in many years to come.

I will post some hands-on information as soon as I start working with Trados Studio 2011. I expect to have a busy end of the year and hope to expend my business

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