TR?ICTIO Invoicing System development approaches the finish line

As some of you already know, the TR?ICTIO Invoicing System is a simple invoicing platform focusing on freelance translators. I have been developing the system for about 12 months and after extensive personal testing and actual use in my business, as well as testing performed by volunteers, there are only a few minor issues to be resolved before the system will go live.

The end-of-month invoice generation used to be a lengthy and quite painful task I had to perform at the end of each month. It always took several hours of my time, not talking about complexity and susceptibility of the whole process to errors.

In view of these fact I started developing a web-based invoicing system. The original idea that consisted in having a web interface for entering individual projects and generating monthly invoices with a click of a button gradually developed into something more complex.

The system currently offers a full client and vendor management, reporting options, various settings to make the life of an user easier, and of course the primary function of the whole system, i.e. invoice generation.

The system is based on Apache web server, PHP, MySql. Currently, it is operating from my web server at Prospective clients are invited to try the system out for free to evaluate its value.

From my currently experience it can be said that every month it saves roughly 10 hours or more of my precious time and much annoyance.

I am still looking for some testers plus, of course, for prospective clients who would be interested in trying the system.

If you happen to struggle with your invoicing and everyday project management process, give it a try.

Contact for more details.

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