How to check spelling and grammar in TagEditor files

Many translators working with Trados TagEditor struggle with proofing their translations, as TagEditor does not support grammar check natively. Here is a simple workaround that might help.

This tip applies to all SDL Trados versions except SDL Trados Studio, which includes integrated spellcheck feature.

  1. Start TagEditor and open the TTX you want to proof.

  3. In TagEditor, press Ctrl+A (Select All).

  5. Press Ctrl+C (Copy).

  7. Open Ms Word. Set it not to show hidden text.

  9. Paste (Ctrl+V) into empty Word document.

  11. Perform spellcheck and grammar check in Word.

  13. Correct any errors found in Word in TagEditor.

Job’s done. It is that simple.

Note that this may not work with extremely large TTX files.

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